Timothy Ltd is an executive search, coaching & HR consultancy that partners clients across the creative & broadcast media sectors, helping them to find, develop and support their most important asset – their people.

HR Consultancy

Providing start-ups and scaling businesses with generalist and anticipatory HR consultancy that defines and delivers an aligned, bespoke people strategy from the start.

HR Consultancy

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Executive Search

Delivering an inclusive executive search and on-boarding/coaching process which identifies, evaluates, hires and then coaches the candidate through probation and on-boarding. It is one aligned, competency-based coaching process to help both client and candidate ensure expectations and mutual future success is managed from the start, for the long term.

Executive Search

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Working with individuals seeking career, leadership or more personal development coaching; and clients wanting to develop individuals in their team.


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About Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell is a talent / executive search strategist, CIPD qualified HR generalist and a trained coach. For coming up to 20 years he has been helping creative businesses find, develop and support their most important assets – their people. He has worked in London and New York and the integrated advertising, design and broadcast industries are the cornerstones of his career. He is a mentor for the Creative Mentor Network, a charity whose mission is to make the creative industries more inclusive, and he is a listening volunteer with the Samaritans

He spent his early career in client services in agency and client businesses and he brings this insight and experience to his work. He has a reputation for working collaboratively, with empathy, care & integrity.

Client testimonials

  • “Tim is an exceptional coach. He asks insightful questions – many of them – and listens carefully while being both challenging and reassuring. I found working with Tim really enjoyable and very helpful.”

    Caro Kriel
    Chief Executive, Thomson Foundation
  • Tim is the perfect recruiter / talent person / coach… it’s hard to put Tim in a box as he truly looks after the people he works with in a multitude of ways. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim personally when he handled a big international move for me and he set the bar. I’ve also worked with Tim to find new creative talent from around the world and again he set the standard. Tim is a rare talent from the world of people that actually sees the people and then truly connects with them. Work with him. You’ll feel better about everything.

    Jon Hamm
    Founder Free Turn. Global Chief Creative Officer. Board Member. Consultant. Branded Entertainment. NED. WPP. IPG
  • “… thank you for taking the time to listen to and guide my ill-organised ramblings during our meetings. I feel like I left our sessions with a far clearer picture of what being a new manager and a new family man is to me. Without seismic change, you helped me figure out a far better balance, without much compromise needed on either side.”

    SVP Sales - participant in client 2023 cohort development programme
  • Tim is at the front of a new class of professional matchmakers/consiglieres/coaches. He is different from most of the other mere recruiters out there today in that when you partner up with Tim, it is the beginning of a career-long relationship in which you will get brutal truth, understanding and above all else clarity. He takes the time to KNOW you so he is not thinking about commissions and fees but about what is RIGHT. I’ve recommended him to everyone who asks, and will continue to do so.

    Graham Phillips
    CSO and Partner, LIDA, NYC
  • Tim had been recommended to me as I was looking for someone to work with regularly to support our new managers and leaders at Argus. I was a delighted to work with a coach who could so readily understand our business, and the issues that the individuals may have been juggling, without judging or ‘solving’ but really understanding what the person needed, and how by unlocking that he would get to what the business needed. His thoughtful interactions meant that we could work to a budget and still be timely with the needs and wants of the individual. I’ve brought Tim back 3 times already, and hope to continue to tap into his expertise with many more lucky people!

    Imogen McCourt
    Head of B2B Sales Transformation & Enablement, The Economist
  • Tim immediately stands out from the recruiting “pack”. On our first call he listened, engaged and asked very in-depth questions that led to new insights on how to present myself and how to narrow my search. He took the time to get to know me and then to really think about how best to match me. And then he actively followed up with me. There is nothing automatic about the way Tim works, and everything empathetic. He is a joy to work with and tremendously good at what he does.

    Becky Getz
    VP Head of Design Operations, Capital One, Chicago
  • I have a fair amount of experience with executive search agencies and I can say without hesitation that Tim leads the pack as the most professional, thorough and engaged advisor I’ve worked with. Tim really took his time to get to know me and my unique background…and found that “needle in the haystack” match between me and my new employer, Havas. Tim was knowledgeable, credible and enthusiastic…without being pushy or slick, and it was clear he cared about providing a great solution to both myself and his client.

    Paul Fitzpatrick
    Experiential Marketer, Chicago
  • Tim was inspirational in helping me decide to set up my own consultancy, Genesis Dept. Through one to one coaching (and a fair bit of ‘homework’), he helped me realise my true vocation and then suggested the steps to make it happen. If you feel that you’ve reached a crossroads in your career, I would unreservedly direct you to Tim. He has the coaching skills and industry insight to illuminate the way forward.

    Xanthos Christodoulou
    Senior Strategist
  • The thing about Tim is that he asks questions. A lot of questions. He doesn’t assume that he already has the solution. Moreover his questions display a genuine interest in the situation under discussion. He amasses the information and assesses it. His conversation always has a strategic edge to it which means you go away with a fresh perspective and a load of ideas. Anyone concerned with career planning should spend some time with Tim.

    Gary Sharpen
    Founder of The Shelf
  • Tim Mitchell is a good listener and a good communicator. This is what makes him a great recruiter. He understands the business and where it’s going and has an intuitive skill in matching compatible personalities (if he ran a dating agency he’d be a rich man!). I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.

    David Harris
    Creative Director, Deloitte UK
  • Tim shows a consistent level of understanding and knowledge about the creative industry. Since working with together I have always felt that there has been a common goal of meeting the business need. Tim offers much guidance and support through a pure passion for what he does and the industry he works in. Tim is a pleasure to work with and without doubt works with the utmost intergrity, a great consultant for candidates and clients alike!

    Lucy Hamilton
    Director Talent Acquisition, Pearson
  • Working Tim has surprised me. He is different. It’s not often I meet a recruiter who gladly offers so much of their time and expertise. He understands exactly what I’m looking for, and has given me suggestions on how to present myself and work in ways I hadn’t thought of. I have every confidence in Tim and would happily recommend him.

    Helen Wallace
    Creative Director, Deloitte Digital
  • Tim is exceptional, he is a recruiter who really cares about his clients and his candidates. He has an incredible knowledge of the industry, his advice helped me tailor my CVs and portfolio to the role I wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Timothy’s services either as a client or a candidate.

    Matthew Page
    Executive Creative Director, Spark44, LA
  • Tim is exceptional.

    A great listener with an intuitive head for the brief. His long term focus builds brilliant relationships and he sits amongst a very small group of recruitment professions that understand that long term strategy is far more important than the short term fix.

    I spend my life taking calls from consultants, Tim is the one I’m always happy to call back.

    Piggy Lines
    Creative Partner & MD, The Game (BMW); Film Director
  • Tim was great, I think he understood me better than I did. Although Tim’s opportunities didn’t quite work out, I hope we’ll work together again. Great listener, impartial advice, expert knowledge… highly recommended.

    Chris Cheeseman
    Head Of Art, M&C Saatchi Sydney, Australia
  • There are recruiters who just want to squeeze the square pegs into the round holes then pocket the commission. And there is Tim. It’s rare to meet anyone with genuine integrity in the media world. But Tim has it in deep reserves. He will take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for (and help you work that out too). Then he’ll construct a plan of action that will lead you to unexpected and enlightening opportunities. If you’re looking for a job, there are lots places to go. If you’re looking for a career move, ask Tim.

    Jason Andrews
    Executive Creative Director, IRIS Germany
  • Tim was by far the best recruitment person to talk too. He totally understood my skills, my strengths and where I would be a good fit in the industry. He has the rare ability to really get under the skin of what you do and most importantly what you WANT to do and found me an excellent new position where I am very happy.

    Emma Sexton
    CEO, MYWW™
  • Tim is today’s version of the bible’s good samaritan. He helps everyone with an unmatched enthusiasm, tailored to each candidate and role. From my first meeting with Tim he left me with a new new sense of optimism which is rare in today’s harsh advertising market. His professional encouragement and guidance do much for a candidate than he can ever truly know. Thank you Tim.

    Nyall Cook
    Associate Creative Director, BuzzFeed
  • Tim is above all a serial nice bloke and he brings this great quality to his professional life. He always strives to deeply understand the brief and ensures that he rigorously delivers candidates that only match it. He is not a volume or square pegs recruiter. I would and have, highly recommended him to colleagues in the industry.

    Gavin Wheeler
  • Dealing with Tim is the recruitment equivalent of dealing with a bespoke tailor rather than a shop. He gets a great job done quickly and makes the process a pleasure.

    Rob Oubridge
    Founder, Aqueduct
  • Tim is a class act. He is a great judge of talent and has an uncanny ability to ‘know’ which candidates will work for clients. He understands the requirements and machinations of a creative department, meaning he can relate to clients’ problems easily. His opinions are always insightful and honest.

    Owen Catto
    Independent Consultant, Owen Catto Consulting